I do not need approval

Ever since January and I read a blog about an Ex-wife writing a letter to the new Step-mom, so many questions began to filter through me as I looked at my own family situation:

  • Would I want that sort of letter from Alex’s Ex?
  • Would I want to give that sort of letter to my Ex’s new partner?
  • Is it necessary?



She makes broken look beautiful

FullSizeRender (12)

I hit a nerve with a post last week. These words resonated with more people than anything else I have ever posted..it reached almost 4000 people with 59 shares.

How come? What was it about this quote that touched people?


Still Beautiful

still beautiful


As I get older, I have noticed that I need to be more kind and gentle to myself, especially toward my body. I made be small and petite, but I am not as comfortable in my skin as I used to be. Yes, I am a mom and weight shifts as we get older, but when did my belly begin to look like ribbon candy at Christmas?


Reveal Yourself

reveal yourself


As we begin the New Year, how can you:

Feel More Authentic.

Release the need for other’s approval.

Embrace your inner succulence.

Let go of Limiting beliefs.

Show off your assets with pride.


Invisible Vampires


Invisible vampires walk among us, undetected to the naked eye,  yet they create chaos in our lives to get their own way. I know you have one or two in your life: they are the people who make you feel depleted and deflated after one interaction.