Mostly Happy Mini Workshops

Vitalize Community Studio

march workshop

March 16 9:15-1045 am, $50/ person (bring a friend for 1/2 off)

Reconnecting Through Rituals
All to often life rushes past us. Take time to STOP and reconnect by developing rituals that help you bring rhythm to your life.
Whether the rituals are for you or your entire family, this course will help you underline the things in your life you value and then assist you in finding ways to celebrate the passing of time

I care

April 27 9:15-10:45 am, $50/ person (bring a friend for 1/2 off)

Special: Mom’s Come for Free

Self Care for Mom’s
When was the last time you indulged in some self-care? All too often we are busy running to soccer, cooking meals, checking homework, folding laundry and caring compassionately for those we love.
Gather with other local mom’s and find ways to carve out time for self care.


May27 9:15-10:45 am, $50/ person (bring a friend for 1/2 off)

Managing Media. Reclaiming Calm

Smartphones, email, laptops, tablets, tv’s, mp3’s. We are plugged in, turned on and tuned in 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This  class explores ways to reclaim the calm in our lives and reconnect with the simplicity of the everyday.
Explore how to disconnect from stimuli and to connect with your inner voice.

 spring cleaning

June 22 9:15-10:45, $50/ person (bring a friend for 1/2 off)

Spring Cleaning: Transforming Our Home.
Clearing negative energy from our homes is an important task. Whether our homes need physical organization, energy clearing, or removal of toxic energy we all benefit from investing in our homes being a clear, light space.
Once the energy is cleared we can begin to explore new areas of our life and help them grow.


July: TBA

10 Days of Gratitude
Often to move past a roadblock in our life we must release the past and begin a path to acceptance. Gratitude is a powerful tool in helping us reclaim our strength and footing. Actively step into the flow of your life.

feather birds

August: TBA

Grow your wings: Sometimes you must jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.
Become Comfortable with the “Unknown”
Take a deep breath and step off the precipice  of uncertainty and into your life. Learn to be comfortable with the “not knowing” and learn to accept what comes with gratitude.

looking back

September: TBA

Looking back to move forward.
Find strength in the journey and lessons to move forward. Celebrate the milestones.

mostly happy

Mostly Happy Mastermind Life Coaching Course

What it is: A 3 hour course, once a month for 4 months (September – December 2013)

Using her memoir Mostly Happy: A stay-at-home Mom’s journey through divorce as a guide, Elif will help you with your own journey, through this deeply emotional process, through the ups and downs of the difficult situations and decisions. As your Life Coach, she will help you become proactive, identify what you want and who you truly are; thereby, regaining your center.

Step into regaining control of your life and ask yourself: How Will I Be Different? and Who do I want to be for the New Year?

What will happen: Each month there will be lessons, readings, and challenges to help you find your center, get clear with your life’s message, and actively step into it.

What is the cost: $400.00/ person. Option of joining online forum, 24.95/month for added support and coaching.

How do I register: Email Elif at Phone: 801-674-7047


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