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mostly happy

Mostly Happy
A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Journey through Divorce
Elif Ekin

Follow the journey of a stay-at-home mom as she willingly boards the “divorce roller coaster,” regains her balance, and finds happiness in the end…

For Elif Ekin, entertaining the idea of a divorce was intimidating. There were questions of money, custody, and living arrangements. But she really wanted to regain control of her life. So, after ten years of marriage, and with her four-year-old little girl, Elif made the difficult decision to file for divorce – a scary proposition for a stay-at-home mom.

In this memoir, Elif chronicles her journey through this deeply emotional process, in which she had so much to lose and yet so much to gain. Mostly Happy shares a brutally honest account of her experiences through the ups and downs and through all of the difficult situations and decisions. It narrates her proactive approach seeking therapy, doing extensive reading, and finding her center.

You can find her book and ebook online and in your local bookstores.


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