feather dreams

Take a moment, close your eyes and find your breath. Breathe it all the way down to your toes and we will begin…

Once Upon a Time, there was You. A “You” that lit a candle, read a book, walked through fire and rose like a phoenix! Now comes the hard part: taking that fire and igniting a new passion for living. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and can’t breathe at the prospect of a divorce or a new life challenge, let me be your oxygen mask. I can support you with fresh air, happiness, and as much peace as possible as you move through your journey.


Elif Ekin is a Life coach who feeds her client’s souls in various ways, by both nourishing their bodies as well as their spirits. It is an inside out job, what you put in, projects out. In this way, more kindness, love, and respect goes back out into the world. At the core, she wants her clients to feel loved, valued, appreciated, accepted, and honored in all that they are.

Take the leap, it’s time for you to fly!


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