Elif Ekin is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Author. She has her M.A. In European History, cooks highly addictive Baklava and Middle Eastern pastries for local cafes and special order, and conducts various healing workshops around Salt Lake City.

Her honesty, authenticity and open nature about her own life’s challenges distinguishes her from most people. She takes great satisfaction in finding the positive in a person or situation, turning obstacles into opportunities, and makes whomever she meets feel valued, appreciated and special. Excelling at creating alternative ideas or solutions through collaboration she creates an exciting environment for “out-of the box” solutions.

She loves the quiet of reading and gardening, but will live full-out when doing crazy cooking & creative projects with her daughter, Mina, and her friends. Never shy of a new adventure, she is known for just jumping into a project feet first, no holding back, and is open to experimenting in life using all the colors in the crayon box!

Mostly Happy, A Journey into Joy, is a Salt Lake City, Utah based company that provides Life coaching, Entrepreneurial and Small Business coaching, and healing workshops to individuals and families moving through a big life transition. Founded in 2012, Mostly Happy has consistently helped people confidently jump into the next phase of their lives with grace to reclaim their identities.

For more information on Mostly Happy, please call Elif Ekin 801-674-7047, follow her on FaceBook  and visit her website www.mostlyhappyjourney.wordpress.com


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