It’s a Wonderful Life

A snippet from the life from an old friend beginning her journey with her new life!

Looking for the Big Yellow Tent

Ok, so no, not everything is perfect. Is it ever?  Life is not all rainbows and butterflies.  Not every moment of every day is what I thought it was going to be, but life is good.  I never expected perfection out of anything, I never wanted perfection.  I wanted my life to have a supply of happy that exceeds the supply of crap. And I do.  I have friends that I adore.  Whether I talk to them everyday or not, I still know they are my friends.  I know that if I need help, they are there, and I try to make sure that they know that I would do the same. 

I have a new relationship, a new immediate family.  This doesn’t mean that I have forgotten my boys’ family.  I’m not even sure how I should label them.  I still love them, and I miss them, but I know…

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