Pinterest seduces me: A story of making Pinterest inspired Easter Eggs



My name is Elif and I am a Pinterest Addict. It has been 2 weeks since I last did a Pinterest Project.

This is my story….

Easter was on the horizon, so of course I needed to do something fun and creative with the girls. I scoured Pinterest for cool egg decorating ideas and came up with 2 egg themed projects: Crayon Melted decorated eggs and make your own Cadbury cream filled chocolate eggs. Yes, I admit it-I am insane: one crazy project is not enough for me.

Were the projects worth all the prep, production, and post clean up? um…yes and no.

First came the melted crayon eggs. After blowing out 24 eggs and letting them dry, we got down to business. Easier said than done-grate the crayons, my ass!! Have you even grated crayons with a cheese grater? Not only do the crayons melt and adhere to the grater from the constant friction, but the grated pieces are so static-y they fly all over your kitchen, landing on everything! Not to be deterred from the end result, I pull out the food processor and dump crayon pieces in and turn it on. Better, but now my colors are muddy, more “Renaissance” tones rather than bright happy easter colors. Now, understand, I have 3 girls, sitting at the table waiting patiently for crayon bits to decorate their eggs. They are all nicely seated, have divided the eggs amongst themselves and eggs are sitting up in my silicon mini muffin trays because post decorating these eggs will go into the oven to melt crayon bits.

Yes, I still have a smile on my face as we continue with the project until…God D++))((**T!! the crayon bits do NOT stay on the eggs! Frustrations eeks into the dining room with 3 little girls looking up at me with the expression of “what now, Mama?” Problem solve, problem solve…How about if we get a bowl of water, roll the plain eggs in the water to get them wet, and then sprinkled crayon bits on? Will they somehow stick to egg long enough for me to put tray of decorated eggs in warm oven to melt?


Thank goodness, I am saved! The eggs came out….ok. Was it worth all the hassle to get to that point and hours of clean-up after….not really. But, the girls were happy and I guess that’s the main thing.

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Phew!! 1 project done…1 to go!

Ever since I was a little girl, I always looked forward to easter because I LOVE Cadbury gooey chocolate easter eggs. When I saw a project on Pinterest last year to make Cheesecake filled chocolate eggs, I was excited! Of course, I couldn’t find hollow chocolate eggs last year at Easter time (FYI: The hollow eggs come out at Valentine’s day at Costco–Who knew?) This year, when I saw them at Costco, I immediately bought a bag of 40 eggs: I WAS READY!!

Knowing that I wanted to make at least 24 filled eggs, I multiplied the recipe by 4. Boy was that a mistake!! Let’s just say, I had enough cheesecake filling to fill probably 100 eggs, not 24! All in all, it was a good project: easy to do, easy to clean up, and yummy to eat! Mina helped filling the eggs, but mostly she enjoyed eating them for breakfast!!

I even “egged” a friend’s house by leaving a half dozen eggs hidden in bushes and daffodils. She said it was fun to go on an Easter Egg hunt, that she felt like a kid again.

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Pinterest…sometimes I love you and sometimes I hate you, but you definitely keep me on my creative toes and spark all sorts of imagination in my head!!


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