Food Ninja-In -Training: An Opportunity for Generosity

Homemade Bagels with homemade cream cheese

Good Morning!

What a way to start the day-fresh bagels and home made cream cheese. Totally Allegra’s idea.

Last week, completely out of the blue, Allegra asked if we could make cream cheese and bagels one day soon. Why not!! This weekend, we took the time with the girls, Allegra and Zola, to make up a batch for sunday breakfast. For me, a big batch of fresh bagels and cream cheese is an opportunity to give “Food Ninja” style. You know, run around Salt lake leaving bagels and cream cheese on peoples doorsteps for them to find when they get their sunday paper. However, this was not my project and I didn’t want to project my intentions on Allegra, but I did ask an open question to get her thinking and guess what-she had the same idea as me!!

I asked her: So, what are we going to do with all of these bagels we will make?

After taking a minute to think, she said “I want to make up little bags of bagels and cream cheese for Mina, my friend Asher, and my mama. I want a little plate for the bagels to sit on, a little knife, and a small bowl for the cream cheese.” I smiled, proudly, Good job, I thought to myself. Off to DI, the local thrift store we went to get gifting accessories.

Well, Sunday came and we got a bit delayed in making bagels, so the idea of secretly running around town and leaving them by doors wasn’t going to work. Before her mother came to pick her up and before Mina was dropped off by her father, Allegra spent the morning making her bags and filling her mother’s bagel basket

Ding Dong! It is noon and guess who is at the door? Allegra’s mom, Mina and her father! Everyone arrived at the same time which made allegra run and give some bagels & cream cheese to Mina’s dad too…along with a few big hugs! She was so happy to be able to be the one making and giving the people she cared about something special. Even though maybe all 4 of us parents may not agree on many things, the one thing we do agree on is how much ALL of us love ALL the girls. Maybe it will be the girls generosity andbig hearts that will pull us all together into a family tribe of collaborative parenting..Now wouldn’t THAT be the most special gift of all!


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