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A few months ago, I was taking a class with Lyn about soft marketing your product. In order to illustrate her point about word-of- mouth marketing, she asked everyone how they pick their next book to read and was it referred to them by a friend. Finally, it was my turn and I kind of didn’t know how to answer. Knowing my silence meant something, she said “Ah! It seems that there is a story there!”

Books have an interesting way of coming into my life. Books find me when I need to read them. Sometimes, they fall off the shelf at a store and hit me in the head. Sometimes, it is “misplaced” in the children’s section for me to find. Sometimes, people just send me the book at he moment I need it without even knowing it.

I had thought about doing one blog to cover the books that have made their way into my life, their importance, and key take-away points. I looked at my pile of books and realized that it needed to be portioned out in to mini blogs, taking one book at a time, giving each the time to talk.

This is the intro blog. Each Monday, I will write about my experience with each book and the lesson it taught me. I hope that you will grab a cup of tea and join me!


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