Learning to Fly

feather birds

Last night I left you with my brain simmering with ideas…well…as any cook knows, a simmering pot left unattended could boil over. Me, middle of the night, pot of ideas bubbled over and woke me up with images, quotes,  music, pendant necklaces all of the same theme: feathers and flying. I had found my word for the year: FLY.

I awoke to the “sound” of the words: Leap and build your wings on the way down. I have a magnet on my fridge that says that very phrase. I felt as if i was being bombarded with information at light speed. My takeaway message: Your purpose to help others build their wings and fly! In the background, my mind went to that song by Tom Petty, Learning to Fly.

Instead of a music video, I saw pictures of feathers, single and bundles. I saw myself wearing a small feather pedant necklace. I felt my inner voice speak about uses of feathers in Shamanism and how my Aunt Zerrin always used to collect feathers as good omens or luck. I even got a message to look into getting a tattoo of a feather on my right hip. At that point, I was completely overstimulated but excited to get to work in the morning. I did spend the day like I said I would creating business cards and brochures in between my 2 classes. It felt good to feel it all come together, to find my totem, or feather, missing link to  propel me forward.

Now, my brain is tired and it is time for bed. I am turning all the idea pots OFF for a good nights sleep…





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