Mind Mapping Monday

Mind Map

It’s time to get busy! I have been reaching out my niche and how to market myself because it is time to create marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, and flyers. How will people know what I am all about if I am not clear first? Ambiguity in a product [myself and what I am selling] does not instill confidence in the “buyer”.

I thought I would take some time to try out a bit of mapping. There is so much more elements to add than what is here, but it is a starting point to see my potential demographic. The central umbrella is the coaching which seems to stem off in a few directions. Two are somewhat related while the third is out in left field.

Last week, I sent out emails to a few mediators and lawyers to see if there is possible collaboration there. I met with a very nice mediator named Marcie for coffee on Monday morning. She asked me questions I hadn’t thought of before: who I am I directing my most potent services toward: Women, Men, Gender neutral, families? You know, I had originally thought I would use my book as a basic stepping off point, but she said that using the book as a main marketing factor may make it seem as if I am pro-Women, not men. Hmmm…I feel like I am offering help to those who are transitioning from the old life, stepping into the new life. Do I relate more to women than men-possibly, but I don’t want to exclude them since there are few resources and support for Divorced men out there. Families and families after divorce is really important to me. It has been such a learning tool for me to use my coaching methods with Mina and Allegra and I would love to help other parents learn some coaching techniques which may help them communicate better with their own children.

As I began creating my basic mind map or free flow thinking, I began to see how some elements were similar and with potential overlap. I feel that I have a clearer picture of where my strengths lay and how to articulate who I am. I am going to let all this simmer in my brain tonight for a day of writing and creating brochures tomorrow. I am pushing myself to get all this stuff written and off to the printer by tomorrow afternoon, an ambitious goal with a 6 year old around and 2 webinar classes already on my days agenda. Creating and printing my marketing paraphernalia is not something that I excel at, so I feel, sometimes, its best to just dig in, plow through it ALL and get it done all in one shot…

Wish me luck! To be continued….


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