This is an Auto-Response: We are disconnecting from the world for a few days to connect as a family. Take Care, Elif, Alex & girls…

family of swans

Lift up your hearts with a smile Lift up your feet with a dance Lift up your spirits with a song It’s family time, it’s family time, it’s family time ~ Ziggy Marley

I was the lucky one to be able to spend 2 full days with all 3 girls! Friday was filled with chaotic loveliness as the 3 tornadoes were joined in play with their friends Samina and her little sister Parisa. Minda [their mom] came over with her girls to learn how to make Turkish Pita bread. Before we could get to do that, we had to feed the girls lunch. Of course, we couldn’t just make Kraft mac and cheese, my girls wanted to share their favorite meal with their friends: a Mermaid lunch. What is a mermaid luncheon, you ask? Well, it is fresh home made spinach fettuccine which magically turns into “seaweed” paired with mini hotdogs sliced and cooked up to look like octopus’s. That is then finished up with a batch of strawberry mermaid milk.

Zola and Parisa are the same age and in the same class at preschool. Zola felt so proud to be able to show Parisa how to make pasta with the pasta machine. She got a chair, put it next to the counter and told Parisa to join her. She then instructed Parisa how to turn the handle and make the fettuccine. I felt good that, little by little, these home made recipes and methods are instilling a sense of pride and capable-ness even in the youngest of our family.

As the day came to a close, the girls turned into cowgirls, turned brooms into horses and we galloped to Gypsy Kings music around the house until Alex came home from his day.

I am slowly learning how to balance and release. In order to balance a day of fresh home cooking, I didn’t cook Saturday. I allowed the flow of the day in, didn’t try to micromanage and organize it around meals. My big girls were up and out of their beds first. Being considerate, they were aware and took a moment to close our bedroom door so me, Alex and Zola could sleep a little longer. As I lay there listening to balance of activity from the living room versus the quiet stillness of the bedroom, I took a moment to say a thank you for having us all together, this moment, right now. It is the awareness and connectivity that we are all learning and developing that is making us grow together as a family.

When I finally got up, hot chocolate was a must for a snowy day! The girls noticed the can of whipped cream in the fridge and asked to have some squirted right in their mouths before the hot chocolate was ready. I felt like I had a nest of baby birds as they all looked up at me, mouths open, waiting one by one, for their mouthful! Squirt squirt squirt- breakfast was whipped cream and frozen waffles!

Kindness and giving are contagious because when you know how it feels to receive love, you want to be able to show your love for someone else in a similar manner. I like to sew and I like to give. This seems to be a way for the family to also want to show their love. Alex asked me to teach him how to sew so he could make each girl a blanket with their names on it for Valentine’s Day.

Alex sewing

Then, Allegra comes and wants to make surprise bears for Mina, Zola, and herself for Easter. I have been really trying to make sure each girls has the time and love that they need lately. As I was taking time with Allegra the other day, we talked about doing nice things for each other. It came up that I have time to do projects with Mina for her and the other girls, that I have time to bake with Zola for surprise treats for the girls, but that I hadn’t provided an outlet for Allegra to also do something nice for everyone. This was what she chose to do, except she had a different hat idea for the bears. She asked me to talk to Alex about an alone day with her so we could go together and pick out the material. She really wants to be part of the whole process.


It was nice to see everyone coming together to do for each other. The house was filled with love and laughter as we moved through the day with out any sort of plan at all. We didn’t need to plan anything, go anywhere, or do anything specific. We just allowed it to unfold and enjoyed each moment. Sometimes, the best days are the ones where we don’t do “anything” by other’s standards, but we gained so much more through the process. The girls needed it. They needed an unstructured day that they could create as they wished. As Alex and I worked to finish the blanket sewing project, the girls wanted to watch a movie and have popcorn. Popcorn for dinner! What a great idea! Poof, there you go!

The snow fell quietly and sparkled under the street lamps. The girls could not resist a romp in the snow….in their underwear! Simplistically adorned with boots, panties, and t-shirts, they jumped and stomped through the falling snowflakes and thought it was fantastic!

snow 1



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