Making Magic

Mina and I were Magical Mischief makers this Sunday. Allegra’s birthday is this week and we were having our family dinner together Sunday night. After breakfast, Mina and I were talking about what to do for dinner. We always try to make our family time extra special, but this week was Allegra’s birthday week-We should make it extra extra special!

The idea of a surprise party for Allegra began to take shape and Mina was crazy excited to plan it! Miss Allegra loves strawberries, so we decided to do a Strawberry Surprise Party! After our brainstorming session, it was decided: a Strawberry Menu and decorate the dining room like a Strawberry Patch. We had about 4 hrs to plan, prepare, and set up! Mina loves to do special things for people, most Especially Allegra. I wanted her to be as part of the creative process as possible, so I asked her what a strawberry patch would look like and she suggested strawberries dangling from the ceiling made from felt, not paper. She was in charge of creating the garland while I prepared the food.

making strawberries

Magical Menu

Dinner: Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Warm Strawberry Crumble Cake

Breakfast: Strawberry filled Donut Muffins

We set the table all in reds and pinks with special soup bowls which had straws attached to the bottom of the bowl. The girls would drink their soup directly from the bowl and they thought that was fantastic!! The snow quietly feel outside and sparkled  just as much as the pink sparkle material on the table. The girls dressed up in red velvet and delighted in their swirly straw glasses of strawberry milk. It was truly magical and I got a special “I love you” hug from Allegra. My goodness! I almost forgot the special surprises they found by their place setting!! I bought each girls a Strawberry shortcake doll which fit perfectly in a 16 oz Strawberry container. Mina spent the afternoon cutting out blankets and pillows for each doll and placing each doll in her bed before placing them on the table.

It was a beautiful, special night where all the girls felt loved and filled with Strawberry bliss! Bath time followed by a vintage Strawberry Shortcake book settled the girls for sleep. Mina is already dreaming of her birthday family dinner: Blueberries for the menu and a big Blueberry garland hanging from every corner of the room! Happy Birthday Allegra!!


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