I have been actively dreaming again…vividly! Friday night, I was awoken with this image in my head of such a blue sky dotted with puffy clouds. As I looked up into the clouds, I heard these words that were important for me to hear, remember and re-tell.

Allegra and Mina

Love them equally

One is the Sun

One is the Moon

They are both different, but complementary

Live Peacefully

Love Peacefully

and Peace will live in your house.

I had the opportunity to tell Allegra my dream last night. She closed her eyes, pictured the clouds and listened to the words. At the end of the prose, she quietly smiled with her eyes closed. She knew which she was and softly said “I am the MOON!”

The dream had meant something and touched a chord in her. It was something she needed to hear and it made her feel loved.

People dream all the time. There are tons of books telling you how to interpret your dreams. I have never been so “lucky” in which any elements of my dreams could be found in a dream dictionary, so I have had to relay on myself to see where a dream takes me and what it is I need to “see.”

This year seems to be about Clarity for me, seeing things as they truly are, cleaning out the cobwebs, and opening myself up to clearly see the path ahead of me. Knowing this, I have quietly become more and more aware of the questions I ask people when uncomfortable conversations arise. Once I released my fear of the answers, the questions became more clear, direct, and elicited the possibility for deeper conversations with greater understanding.

Am I peeling back layers of an onion, diving deep into who I am / what I need or am I a flower, slowly opening petals, discovering the true beauty and fragrance of my being?

My soul speaks to me when I dream, tells me things I can’t hear through the noise of wake-time, shows me pictures to guide me along my journey. I dreamed a full picture book two weeks ago. If I close my eyes, I can still revisit the dream-it was that vivid! The book stemmed from Allegra’s need to understand how a relationship between two people can end and how new ones begin. She and I, in the dream, sat side by side at the coffee table and drew out pictures, one after the other, to better explain, visually, a concept that children may have a hard time understanding.

It began as a love story between 2 people who planted their love, like a small tree seed, in the ground. Together, side by side, they watered that little seedling, that was their love, their bond. However, after awhile, they stopped watering their tree at the same time or even at all. The poor tree soon split, slowly over time, until there was nothing keeping them together. The relationship was over, the boy took his side of the tree and went his own way. The girl still sat by her tree, watering it and feeding it with her own self-love. Soon, another boy, carrying his own tree seedling, asked if he could rest his tree near hers because it was so heavy. Separately, but at the same time, they watered their own trees, caring for themselves, and healing their roots. They passed the time, this girl and boy, talking about lots of things and in the air above them, you could imagine pictures of cooking lovely food, gardening, girls playing, quiet moments. As the days went by, they would slowly inch their way closer and closer to each other when they  watered their trees…until…at last, they were sitting together on the same bench. The trees, once separate, began to join, ring by ring, creating strong roots beneath the ground and a solid trunk above. As each one supports and cares for the other, the tree’s base gets stronger and taller with all the love and attention. Then, one day, in the Spring, buds fill the tall tree’s branches, blooming into heart shaped leaves. The tall strong tree stands as a reminder to all who pass that it takes time, patience, and consistent sprinkles of love to create a relationship that is strong and that can withstand the storms that may pass their way.

Once we finished drawing the story together (in the dream), We bound our book with yarn and Allegra smiled. {dream over}

The dream was so powerful and the images so strong that I had to get up and block it out on paper. When things are meant to be, life flows in to help move you through. I was able to track down an affordable illustrator within my network and translate my dream to him. How relieved was I to learn he also dreams books in pictures too! I felt that we were able to do almost do a Star-Trek mind-meld sort of thing as I transferred the pictures that were taking up space in my mind into his.

Dreams speak to us in ways we may not understand at the moment. The patterns, the pictures, the crazy far out stories we create in our head maybe just one piece of a puzzle to fit in later on. Record them, keep a journal, and then look back for common themes. There maybe a story in yours as well!

Sweet peaceful dreams, Good night!


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