Care for a Ride?

Saturday morning, I was pretty worn out from a night of coughing. After getting me settled on his couch with a blanket and making me a nice breakfast burrito, Alex and I watched the movie “The Legend of 1900.” Maybe it was watching a movie in the morning or my quiet state, but there were times when the movie said more to me than what was just written in the script. The movie is about a boy who was born on ship Janury 1900. He was cared for by the men who worked the coal down below. During his whole life, he never set one foot off the boat, but that did not limit his potential. His love of music and the piano inspired awe in whoever heard it. It was as if he could look into a person, any person, and write the music of their soul.

His world consisted of the circumference of the huge boat, but it did not confine him. He allow life in let it flow. This movie clip seemed like a good analogy for living and releasing into the Flow.

There are times in our life when our legs feel unstable and unsure of where to go next. The more we stumble and try to grab onto whatever is close by, the more our feet slip out from under us. It seems insane to just release and let go, allowing yourself to be carried away by the movement. There is such a fear associated with lack of control. How does holding on and clutching to something seem more stable ? Are you holding onto something that is safe and, by that particular act, are you holding yourself back?

Max looks at 1900 [the piano player’s name] as if he is crazy when he says “Would you please release the brakes for the piano?” The boat is in the midst of a huge storm and is buffeted from every angle, heaving and surging with every wave. During such a storm, how can a person just “release” control of the brakes??? Calmly playing his music, 1900 calls to Max, a leap of faith challenge, “If you don’t get on now, you will lose your chance.”

That is life calling. It is during the biggest storms and in the heaviest weather that life calls to us to take a leap, releasing the brake on our portions of our life that are holding us back, to release into the flow that will take us where we need to go. Max jumps on. It is a wild ride which takes them all around the ballroom and they crash through some walls to the other side. Storms in our life are the screams from inside us telling us that we need to break through what has been keeping us from experiencing our true potential.

Listen to the voice that screams inside your head “Life is Immense, IMMENSE! Can you understand that?…Change Life, Start Fresh…Tell that to your friend.”


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