What’s YOUR message?


When I walked into my coaching session with Lyn yesterday, she had me sit down, quietly showed me the first  few minutes of this interview, and then asked me something akin to: What’s your take away or message from this?

Without hesitation, the question I heard in my head was “What are you called to do?”

It’s amazing to me how something so simple can bring such clarity which allowed us to plow through my next 2 months of activities, organizing, sorting, prioritizing, grouping my seemingly disparate project ideas into a do-able list. What had previously seemed daunting and overwhelming now was engaging and exciting! I could  DO this! Then, I took a step back, looking at the list and deadlines, I quietly asked “But, can I really do this?” (Uncertainty and self-doubt come quickly in quiet moments)

Lyn looked at me straight on, pull our her copy of the book “Orbiting the giant hairball,” silently opened to a blue tabbed page, and pointed down to the one sentence chapter: The Write Brothers had no pilot license. And yet they flew…

The message was clear: If you believe you can, you will.

I have been sitting at this computer all morning going through my list one by one and checking them complete. I am feeling really empowered and motivated because someone believed in my capabilities. I have lots of programs and workshops that will be rolling out as soon as Monday! I feel that there will be a little something that everyone can relate to, in person or via skype, let’s come together to give thanks to our strengths, grow through our weaknesses, and use our new awareness to move forward into the Holiday season with a new sense of love and gratitude.

Take a moment, listen  to video, and ask yourself  “What’s your message?” Hold that thought and I will check back with you on Sunday as we set up for our first program together.




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