Quietly Brave…

Quietly Brave…Quietly Brave…Quietly Brave…

Those words became like a mantra in my head after class last week. I took a class on developing a marketing strategy with Lyn and she spoke about feedback. What do you hear consistently from others when they speak about you, your work, or your products. All of a sudden it was like multiple conversations and emails began swirling in my head and the common theme, comments, or questions merged into one : “I am so in awe of you, your bravery, and quiet acceptance of what is and what will be. How did you get there?”

It’s funny, because in the middle of divorce hurricane and even now, I don’t really feel brave. I just did/do what needs to be done in the moment and move on. When I feel like I lose my way or start seeping into a victim mentality, I re-wind my brain to the [above] scene from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” This scene first popped into my head when I felt my lowest as I began the divorce process and has been my touchstone during stressful times since then. Indiana Jones takes a leap of faith over a deep canyon with a seemingly invisible bridge. This is me. I am Indiana Jones stepping out over and over …taking that leap of faith multiple times with the divorce, single parenthood, romance, Life Coaching, etc. My inner voice is Sean Connery, quietly whispering from deep inside me: “You’ve got to believe!” God! It is so hard to believe as you look down at the abyss! It is hard because somehow, no matter how many abyss’s you look down or find bridges where you least expected, it never gets easier when you come to a new one. Why is that? Yes, strength can be drawn with a bit of confidence that everything will be provided when needed, but….from that tiny corner of your mind come the words (in teeny tiny letters) “what if it doesn’t work and I fall?”

Quietly brave…Quietly Brave…Quietly brave..My new mantra to say in my head when those words whisper doubt into my soul, keeping me stagnant, afraid to move forward or backward. The words get stronger in my head the more I say them and maybe..just maybe…I will find my way across faster this time…


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