Everybody wants love, Everybody needs love, Everybody heals with love…Let the Love begin

For the next three minutes and 28 seconds, this is what I want you to do: Open the windows to let in the world, turn the volume up on your speakers, stand up, get ready to release into the song and dance….now press play and let the simplicity of the song take over your feet, arms, body ..let go of everything in your mind and let in the simple message-Love Everybody
…..Now-How did that feel?

For me, listening to that song is like a breathe of fresh air, cleaning out my soul and opening it up super wide! I had an epiphany last week that I want to share. Over the past month, I have been feeling frustrated at the slow rate my life is moving in a few areas such as work and marketing my book, etc. I had thought I was proactive in writing a list of all that I needed to accomplish between September and November. I had thought that if I concentrated my efforts in one area, finishing up big chunks at a time (beginning with coaching and bookselling), it would allow me the time after to work on other projects. I got stuck, I became uninspired, and unmotivated. When things did not work out the way that I hoped, I took a step back and a step out of my own way to see the bigger picture. What was my motivation or intention when I set out to do these projects? Was it from a place of peace and love or from an anxious state stemming from the need to make money. I realized that I had jumped too far ahead of myself for possible monetary gain and lost my footing in the process. I was not doing anything that would fill me up with the means to move forward.

I gave myself a break. I stepped out of my own way and let things happen..in their own way, without me imposing a timeline or control. I gave myself permission to work my sewing projects for the girls. This is when my “epiphany” happened. When I am sewing or working on a project for a loved one, I am in a pure state. I am feeling the love for the girls as I sew those feelings into the seams which clears my mind of all the ickies I may have felt the other day. There is no room for anger, frustration, anxiety in a heart working from pure love. It is in those moments that I realized that I am most creative and most open to pulling towards me what I need. I am open to receive.

That day turned out to be very interesting. An old friend in SLC asked to meet me for coffee after I dropped Mina at school. She had found solace in reading parts of my book and a friend to talk to about her separation from her husband. We talked of our lives, our marriages, our families, and then the conversation turned to my book. She works at a local bookstore and wants to help me plan a speaking event in January in conjunction with a book signing. We also discussed creating a book-club for people in transition stemming from my book and including the books I had read while I wrote my book. Not only would this be beneficial for people to participate in, but it also provided me with people who may be interested in signing up for my Life Coach seminars. Movement around my book had begun…

Later in the day, I received a heart felt email from a girl I have known since we were 5. She had begun reading my book as well and it spoke to her situation and divorce as well. People are starting to speak up in their own way that my book has struck a need, a need to talk and be heard. I realized what I needed to do. I needed to spend my time getting real on my NING forum and inviting people to the conversation, private and supportive. I have followers now on my blog and my Facebook page. Let’s get real, Let’s talk, Let’s help each other find our footing again.

Moving through the day until evening, I found myself in the bookstore. While there, a young girl about 21 come up to me, randomly , asks me about Shamanism and spirituality. Kind of off guard, I didn’t know if I could answer her blunt question. But seeing that she really was looking to me for some sort of guidance, I tried to help. I took a breath and looked around at the books and let go of the need to be right or in control. Then, I looked and saw 2 books I had read a long, long, time ago and gave them to her. She smiled and said they were exactly what she was looking for. This was an example for me to realize that I may not think I have the answer, but if I get quiet and breathe, the answers will come.

I can’t even tell you how it feels to be facing the world this week with an openness to love and not judge or expect anything from people other than what they are capable of giving at that moment. It is truly emancipating. It did not matter to me that I did not get an acknowledgement for a birthday present left by someone’s door. I gave it from the heart and it is not up to me to tell another how he/she should respond to that gesture. I released the need to push for some sort of friendship with my Ex and allow life to unfold in the way it is meant to, in its own time. Imagine my surprise when yesterday when I saw my Ex, his girlfriend, and Mina come to the same pool that Alex and I took his girls too. In some way, the Universe provided a family outing for all of us to spend time together in neutral terrain. Everyone had a good time and Allegra went home with Mina to my Ex’s house until dinnertime. There was such a natural flow to the day and it ended sweet with Alex making banana cake and giving some to my Ex and Mina.

Isn’t this how life is supposed to flow? Life works in circles: whatever you put out there somehow comes back to you. If you live with love in your heart, then love will flow easily toward you and bringing all sorts of treasures and surprises.


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