The act of Forgiveness….

I have realized that as I have become quieter, clearer, and more focused on reconnection, my intuition and clairvoyance has intensified.  So much so, in fact, that I felt the need to bring it up during one of my coaching sessions with Lyn. Lyn immediately found me 2 Intuitive Coaches for me to talk with. After a session with each of them, it all boils down to this:

Ok – you ready for the Answer to the Meaning of life? Here it is in a nutshell – You can choose to live in Fear or you can choose to live in Love.

Everything in your life stems from the question: Where do you put your energy? I felt like a lightening bolt hit my head when I realized that our “issues” with those around us are really mirroring what we feel most insecure about within ourselves. To take a step back from judgement and into Awareness is a very emotionally freeing experience. Once you become aware, you can make a conscious choice to see it differently and forgive from the heart. Those that you are in conflict with are your teachers, to help you learn what you need to grow and evolve. Love them for the lesson within the loss, within the argument, within the pain. When you can find the moment to look at the hurt and the pain with loving eyes and a loving heart, you can feel gratitude for the gifts. It is not your job to fix, heal, teach, save anyone. This is not your burden to carry and you shouldn’t have to. That’s when resentment and judgement start taking up residence in your heart where love should be.


It is healthier on so many levels. There is an ancient Hawaiian secret of forgiveness called “ho‘oponopono“. It is a process in which a person, in a way, disconnects from the toxic preconceptions of another and reconnects them in a better, more loving way. Simply put: I love you, I am so Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.  If you send love to the problem or memory and take responsibility for cleaning up the shared experience, you can invoke a feeling of forgiveness which shifts the the feeling around the issue from hostility to Gratitude.

After actively stepping into the Forgiveness lifestyle, I can honestly say that I can feel weights lift off my shoulders, my neck relax, my head feels more open, and I can breathe again.


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