Stepping into the Flow…

Shit! I have to push through into the next phase of my life: Marketing and Selling myself as an author. I feel a bit squirmy and scared as I begin the process of actively putting on my Life Coach “hat”, moving forward with spreading the word about my book, and pursuing success.

I guess it must seem strange that I am, on one hand, driven to finish my Life Coach Licensing and, on the other, scared of the success it will bring. Success changes the dynamic of life and the questions of “how will life change?” and “what will be different?” are unanswerable and that unanswerable-ness kind of makes me buggy. I felt the same way when I was about to file for divorce. Everything works out in the end and life is better than expected, but that first step into swirling uncertainty is daunting for me. Slowly, I am making baby steps as I enter that energy flow. It’s hard to explain. I know that once I am in that Flow, the current will be fast and I want to make sure I have my feet steady, grounding me to keep my footing and my head above water.

In order to deal with the impending current, I needed to organize my space and my mind. I was feeling highly overwhelmed last week as we shift from summer into fall. New school scheduales, new work to do, fall birthdays and celebrations, fall outfits to sew for the girls, playhouse to sew for the girls, and dance and soccer classes to look into for the girls had my brain running at a racing speed. My OCD tendencies crept in and I needed order! Alex came and helped me completely clean and organize the entire basement over the course of 2 days and that lifted such a load off my shoulders! To have someone come in and say “Let me help you lift that weight and we can work through it together.” allowed me to sit, take a breathe, and breathe into what I needed to do next.

Because there was so much to do in the Fall, there needed to be, for me, a physical, tangible thing at that could immediately ground me and pull me back to center. In my mind, I needed a family calendar. What was available online did not fit my need. Yes, it was maybe more work to create a more personalized one through snapfish, but it satisfied my need, again, allowing me to take another deep breathe.

Wow! Just doing a few things enabled me to sit, order my flyers for my Mostly Happy Mastermind Life Coach class, create the event on facebook, and to finally feel comfortable to dip my toe into the swirling current. Maybe today, I will be able to fully step into my new life’s flow…


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