I needed a little Reminder


Good Morning, Yogurt! Did you have a good night’s sleep in the oven?

Last year, I made a commitment to myself and Mina to do as much as we could naturally, by hand, and at home. As we embark on a full Fall schedule with school, activities, family visits, I can understand how easy it can be to just grab some yogurt at the market, just this one time, because the week is busy. I felt like that yesterday. I was that mom: mind racing in a million directions at top speed and feeling like I hit a brick wall because I had yogurt that I had to make. I felt like the human equivalent of the Jenga game-I didn’t know if I could balance …one..more..piece..on my head.

Then I took a breathe and sat down.

I needed a reminder about why I was doing this-and there was Mina, looking up at me, excited to be making yogurt.

Being part of the process of planning, cooking, and giving, is important for her. THAT life lesson is the reason I do what I do. The proud look on her face the other day when she made popcorn, by herself, on the stove top spoke volumes! THIS is how we build our children up with fun, challenging, achievable lessons from everyday life. Thanks for the life reminder Mina. I needed to slow down and remember.



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