“My Mama had a dancing heart…

…and she shared that heart with me.

With a grin and a giggle, a hug and a whistle, we’d slap our knees and Mama would say:

“Bless the world! It feels like a tip-tapping, song-singing, finger-snapping kind of day, Let’s Celebrate!”

And so we did.

Mina received a lovely new book, My Mama had a Dancing Heart, this weekend and she really has completely and utterly fallen in love with the free-style poetry and its meaning. It is from a daughter point of view, reflecting on the wonderful time and memories with her mother. How they celebrated the seasons, together, nature, together, and life with each other. Mina’s eyes filled up with tears after I read it the first time and said “Mama! That story is about you and ME! About a mommy and a little girl, just the 2 of them, living and loving each other!! That’s our life! Oh! It makes me feel so close to you mommy!”

Ok, trying not to cry when she says that, but I am filled with the satisfaction that we are doing ok on our own, that we are making memories, lasting, soul-filled, loving memories together. It truly is the time invested to quietly celebrate the simple things in life that seems most important to a child.

I love to take the time to celebrate all aspects of life with Mina, Allegra, and Zola. Taking the time to make home made yogurt and bread, smell flowers, watch bees buzz, and even harvest sunflower seeds is important to them. They are such multifaceted experiences: physical, emotional, intellectual, and they feel included and love through the process.

The natural way of living and loving resonates within each of us if given the opportunity to explore and express it. As a mom, I feel blessed to have all these little beings run around at my feet: laughing, creating lovely chaos, and learning every moment of the day!


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