Random (?) coincidences…

I just came back from a weekend in Montreal. I went to visit friends and EAT! I came prepared with a list of food to eat so that knew how it was supposed to taste in order to make it in my own kitchen. I was also on a quest to find certain ingredients that I couldn’t find in Utah. This the micro back-story to this blog.

Over the past year, I have really made a conscious effort to be aware of how information filters into my life. As I look around and take in everything, it amazes me how the the “flow” of life brings things to my doorstep in the most ordinary ways. Once, I randomly received a book in the mail that addressed a particular issue I needed to pay attention to. Another, I received money in the mail just when I needed it as a random refund.

Yesterday was no different, but it still made me smile in appreciation. Before leaving Montreal, we stopped at an Asian Market before getting Dim Sum next door. On a whim, I thought we could stop in and see if they had Agar Agar powder that I needed to make Maple Pie. We spent about 40 minutes walking the aisles, looking at spices, looking at flours, mixes, everything. Finally, I gave up and followed my friend to the checkout line. Right there in front of me, on the conveyer belt, was a pile of Agar Agar packets, yellow and screaming at me “DON”T LEAVE YET!! WE ARE HERE!” Stunned, I looked up at the man buying them and asked (well-He probably felt like I was accosting him), “WHERE!!! did you find THESE!!!”, completely forgetting I am in a different country and he may not even understand what I am asking. He quietly pointed to the aisle right behind me. I had walked right past them without even seeing. I love these sorts of random coincidences!! Makes me feel comfortable that help will come to me when I need it and in a way that I can recognize.

Keep your eyes open as you move through your day because you just never know …….. then enjoy the magic of the moment!


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