My Mama always said…


….when life gets you frustrated, knead the crap out of some bread dough. Well, maybe she didn’t say it exactly like that, but you get the point..

Last week had a lot of emotional ups and down for me that I needed to work through. I felt like I was retaining or taking on a lot of toxic energy that I needed (kneaded?) to expel. I needed to ground myself, reconnect to something positive, and actively, positively step into a new week. It was time for a Mountain picnic!

By turning my focus from what was not flowing well to building up what was flowing well, my intention was to amplify my awareness on all of the wonderful things that are moving into my life. It is again stepping back into simplicity. Families and kids do not need “things”, they need “time” with those that care about them. It was important to me to maintain quality time with my family, especially when life is at its craziness. Sometimes, life just needs to stop for a while so we can take the time to slowly walk a mountain trail, smell the flowers, and have Pb&J sandwiches on the top of the mountain while watching the sunset.






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